My sisters and I are FUCKING FABULOUS; I know it sounds a bit narcissistic but we are. BUT no one thinks it is narcissist when you get your 7th grade picture taken. 

I love my sisters very much, I believe we have a bond that is very different from other siblings. It must be the way my mother raised the three of us. And yes these are my biological sisters, I know why are their eyes chinked and mine aren’t? Because I am Korean & Mexican. Obviously my moms genes were dominant in my case. 

Since I have a million cutouts of Vogue editorials stashed in my closet that were suppose to be a part of a collage in my wall but it never happened I decided to get creative and wrap my sisters presents different this year. I bought some newspaper and worked my magic lol. It took me about four hours to finish putting it together, since I am very meticulous everything had to match and flow together. I know I am very weird. My sisters were ecstatic when they saw what I did to their present, I believe they liked the gift wrapping more than the actual present. 

P.S. I even made them cut their present in a specific way so they wouldn’t ruin it lol. 

Every Christmas I get in a very bitchy, bitter mood because of the presents that I receive. But tonight I see things differently and I believe we put too much pressure on this one day. Why should I be angry at my family for not giving me what I wanted or expected when they have given me everything and more this entire year. The greatest present that I can get this year is my family, we are healthy and fabulous. I couldn’t have asked for anything else.